Quarantine Comeback Campaign

We are looking past these unpredictable times and hope that we can return to our fun-filled fundraisers in the coming year. Until then, contributions of all amounts, large and small, will assist us in getting things back to normal.

Your tax-deductible donations allow us to continue producing the diverse entertainment experiences that have helped us thrive for more than 16 years.

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Theatre is a huge undertaking…and even though we are grateful to our volunteers and patrons, there are bills and expenses that simply aren’t covered by the cost of a ticket. In addition to the costumes, props and sets that we all enjoy seeing onstage, EPT also must pay for scripts and royalties, posters, advertising, playbills and publicity for each production. Concessions have to be purchased, rent and utilities must be paid, box office supplies and software, and web support and maintenance are the ongoing expenses that may not be glamorous but are essential to the life of our theater.

Art and entertainment can transport us and lift our spirits. Thanks in advance for your generosity. Please know that you are appreciated, and that you will receive an acknowledgement of your donation.

You can make a difference and be a part of the team that produces amazing theater right in the heart of Downtown Ennis.

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