Sunday, November 24 at 5 pm
Callbacks on Monday, November 25 at 6:30 pm

Auditions for the comedy I Hate Hamlet by Paul Rudnick will take place at

Ennis Public Theatre
113 N. Dallas Street
Ennis, TX 75119


Roles are available for 8 adult leads and ensemble. All ethnicities are welcome. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Rehearsals begin in December (exact schedule TBD), and the show runs January 24-February 9, Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 pm, with one Thursday performance (January 31) at 7:30 pm and one Sunday performance (February 9) at 2:30 pm.

Television star Andrew Rally is about to start rehearsals to play Hamlet-and he is terrified. Unsure of himself, worried about his career, Andrew doesn't know what to do. In the midst of his confusion, he is visited by the ghost of legendary actor John Barrymore. Barrymore explains that all actors who take on the role are visited and mentored by their predecessors, and that the cannot leave Andrew until he takes the stage as Hamlet. Andrew's girlfriend wants him to be a romantic hero of the stage, his friend wants him to accept a lucrative new TV gig, and Barrymore wants him to accept his own great theatrical mantle. As Andrew grown under Barrymore's larger-than-life wing, he is forced to confront the ultimate question: who he wants to be, or not to be.


Andrew Rally
Andrew is an up and coming actor whose star has risen on the basis of two parts which have proven to be somewhat embarrassing for the actor; a surgeon in a recently canceled bad TV show called "L.A. Medical" and a commercial for Trailbuster Nuggets breakfast cereal. The play begins on the day he moves into his new home back in New York: an old brownstone where the man once known as America's Living Tragedian briefly lived. Just as John Barrymore made his reputation playing Hamlet, so is Andrew about to test his limits of his own acting talent by playing the most famous role in drama.

The Ghost of John Barrymore
A seance designed to contact the spirit of Barrymore is deemed a failure when no contact is made. Unknown to everyone but Andrew, however, the seance was successful. Only he can see Barrymore's ghost who informs Andrew that he is following a long tradition among stage actors. The older ones routinely come back to help promising young talent fulfill their potential.

Felicia Dantine
Felicia is a real estate agent who specifically urged Andrew to pick the old brownstone because of its connection to Barrymore. A true believer in the potential of psychic power, Felicia's announcement that she has contacted the spirit of her dead mother leads to the attempt to contact Barymore.

Dierdre McDavy
Andrew's sweet, but serious and free-spirited young girlfriend. Although Andrew is wracked by doubt and insecurities over moving from jingle-based commercials and bad TV to Shakespeare on stage, Deirdre can barely contain her excitement. When the opening night performance does not go well, she is so devastated that she is moved to take Ophelian measures to end her disappointment. Only the unexpectedly carnal intervention of what seems to her to be just a strange dream pulls her back from the edge of tragedy on the rooftop and picks the lock of her own seductive willingness for Andrew.

Gary Peter Lefkowitz
Gary (Andrew's friend and director from L.A.) is a superficial Hollywood type to extol the number of hyphens in his job description who has come to New York to bring Andrew back to Hollywood and television. The change he witnesses in Andrew as a result of preparing to play Hamlet offers him a brief moment of introspective fantasy about chucking his affluent lifestyle and trying his own hand at becoming serious. When Andrew turns down a three million dollar offer to star in his role about an inner city teacher with secret superpowers, he returns to L.A. instead with a fellow partner-in-commerce: real estate maven Felicia Dantine.

Lillian Troy
Lillian is Andrew's much older and experienced agent who is able to personally confirm the story that Barrymore actually did once live in the brownstone because she was having an affair with him at one time. That affair led to her scandalous divorce from her husband. For most of the play, only Andrew is capable of seeing Barrymore, but just before he takes the stage opening night, Lillian reveals that she is also capable of interacting with him and they enjoy a brief reminiscence of their time together before enjoying one last dance before Barrymore must depart back to the afterlife.


Upcoming auditions:

Watch for our 2020 season announcement and audition information.

All shows are open auditions at the theatre from 6-8 pm on the given date unless specified otherwise.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Musical auditions will feature cold readings from the script, and please be prepared to sing one song with a CD or phone. Accompaniment will not be provided.